Sunday, May 9, 2010

1st Day

Yesterday was my 1st day to open the shop. I had around a dozen people and everyone really gave me positive feedback. I had several try on garments in the cozy little dressing room that looks like a little bedroom. 3 sales were made and I finished a new sweater top as I worked. It was a great 1st day!
I had really great help from my friend from who had fun decorating the twig filled ceiling with bird's nests. My folks were great help and support as well. The space is lovey, inspiring, and I am sure to have many happy days to follow. Here are some pictures of the shop filled with clothing, bags, jewelry, willow furniture, and eclectic antiques.


  1. The photos of the shop look great here!!! Great job!!!

  2. I just love the look and feel of this shop. When I enter, I'm taken to another place. This is not just Clarksville, a small river town anymore...I'm now in a Soho boutique! It's not just about finding something to buy and wear. It's a totally absorbing experience, and I just don't want to leave! The one-of-a-kind painted linen clothes are irresistible (I have one as of yesterday!); the statement necklaces are over the top, the vintage jewelry and accessories add a wonderful touch, and each piece of embellished or restyled clothing is a masterpiece of wearable art. The dressing room is so interesting--like a glamourous miniature bedroom. This makes it actully FUN to try on clothes; it's a great part of the total experience. Congratulations on your new venture; this shop is sure to get some very good press!!!

  3. Your new store looks absolutely Beautiful! Congratulations!!!
    You are an amazingly talented artist!!
    I will come visit soon. Best wishes.